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Fit for all Budgets

Non-hD Makeup

Package Start from 7500

hD-MAC Makeup

Package Start from 10000

hD-Highend Makeup

Package Start from 13000

Airbrush Makeup

Starts from 16000

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much Do You Charge for the Bridal Makeup?

Its depends on the packages, we are providing wide range of packages according with variety of the brands, so customer have more option to customize their own package according to their budget.

Do You Offer Bridal Trial Makeup?

Yes we do, It will cost you depend on your Bridal Makeup Package.


How Long Will The Bridal Makeup Last?

Its depends on the package, because all the packages having different variety of Cosmetics brand and each having its unique lasting time.

Do you travel to the Venue for the Makeup?

Yes we do on Demand, Our most of the clients prefer us to do the makeup in their venue. 

Do you Have Airbrush Makeup?

Yes we Have, This Package provides flawless coverage on the skin with More natural Look, You can choose this package for ultimate result.

what is the difference between Each makeup packages?

Makeup packages prices varies according to key factor like Lasting time it will be depends on Makeup cosmetic brands