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As a professional makeup artist, I, Sarani from MakeoverBySarani, specialize in high-definition (HD) makeup techniques that ensure flawless and camera-ready looks for any occasion. With a commitment to enhancing your natural beauty, I offer exceptional services that are tailored to your individual preferences and fit for all budgets. At Yazhs Makeup Studio, we pride ourselves on using the finest products to achieve long-lasting and exquisite results. Whether you desire a subtle, luminous finish or a glamorous, bold look, our personalized makeup artistry will leave you feeling confident and radiant. Experience the seamless and flawless application of airbrush makeup, an advanced technique perfect for special events and professional photoshoots. Trust MakeoverBySarani for exceptional service, personalized attention, and an unforgettable makeover experience that brings out your natural beauty.

Party Makeup

Introducing the Party Makeup Package, perfect for bridesmaids, party guests, and anyone looking for a stunning makeup look! Our package offers the best in professional makeup services, tailored specifically for special occasions. Whether you're a bridesmaid, a guest at a party, or a sider, our skilled team will create a beautiful makeup application that enhances your natural features and brings out your inner radiance. We'll also provide you with a simple yet elegant hairstyle that perfectly complements your look. With our Party Makeup Package, you'll be ready to shine and feel your best for any special event! Package Start from 4000*

hd-mac Makeup

The HD-MAC Makeup Package is a comprehensive starter makeup package specially designed for brides on their wedding day, marriage receptions, pre-wedding photoshoots, and other important wedding-related occasions. This all-inclusive package offers a complete makeover experience using M.A.C Cosmetics products, ensuring stunning results. It includes professional makeup application, hairstyling, and saree draping services, providing a flawless transformation for your special day. With an emphasis on high-definition makeup techniques, the HD-MAC Makeup Package guarantees a long-lasting and picture-perfect finish, capturing your beauty in every moment. Whether you're a bride-to-be or looking for a bridal package, this package is the perfect choice to enhance your natural radiance and make you feel confident and glamorous throughout your wedding celebrations. Package Start from 10000*

hd-highend Makeup

The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Package At HD-Highend Makeup, we have curated a top-notch bridal beauty package that guarantees an exquisite transformation for your special day. Each product in our collection has been carefully selected from the best international brands, ensuring unparalleled quality and stunning results. Experience the power of a sweat-resistant and long-lasting makeup application that keeps you looking flawless throughout the day. Our expert makeup artists specialize in creating a glam glow that accentuates your natural features, providing a radiant and luminous appearance. With HD-Highend Makeup, you can expect a flawless base that evens out your skin tone, hides imperfections, and creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. Whether you prefer a subtle, elegant look or a glamorous, bold style, our skilled artists will cater to your preferences, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful on your big day. Indulge in the luxury of our high-end products and experience the magic of HD-Highend Makeup. With our exceptional expertise and dedication to perfection, we guarantee an unforgettable bridal beauty experience that will leave you feeling like a true goddess. Package Start from 14000*

airbrush Makeup

Introducing Airbrush Makeup: Achieve a Flawless, Doll-Like Finish Experience the magic of Airbrush Makeup, a revolutionary technique that guarantees a flawless and doll-like finish. Our skilled makeup artists specialize in creating a smooth texture that leaves your skin looking picture-perfect. Using a silicon-based formula, our Airbrush Makeup creates a seamless and natural look, mimicking the appearance of flawless skin. The lightweight and breathable texture ensures a comfortable and long-lasting wear, allowing you to feel confident throughout your special day. With Airbrush Makeup, you can expect a doll-like finish that enhances your features and gives you a radiant glow. The advanced airbrush technology provides precise application, resulting in a flawless and skin-like finish that is unmatched by traditional makeup techniques. Indulge in the luxury of Airbrush Makeup and experience the magic of a flawless complexion. Our talented artists will work with you to create the perfect look, whether you desire a natural, subtle style or a more glamorous and dramatic appearance. With Airbrush Makeup, you can achieve a flawless and doll-like finish that will make you feel like a true princess. Package Starts from 18000*

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much Do You Charge for the Bridal Makeup?

Its depends on the packages, we are providing wide range of packages according with variety of the brands, so customer have more option to customize their own package according to their budget.

Do You Offer Bridal Trial Makeup?

Yes we do, It will cost you depend on your Bridal Makeup Package.


How Long Will The Bridal Makeup Last?

Its depends on the package, because all the packages having different variety of Cosmetics brand and each having its unique lasting time.

Do you travel to the Venue for the Makeup?

Yes we do on Demand, Our most of the clients prefer us to do the makeup in their venue. 

Do you Have Airbrush Makeup?

Yes we Have, This Package provides flawless coverage on the skin with More natural Look, You can choose this package for ultimate result.

what is the difference between Each makeup packages?

Makeup packages prices varies according to key factor like Lasting time it will be depends on Makeup cosmetic brands